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Voters are encouraged to get to know the candidates to make informed choices. We are pleased to share Candidate Profiles.

All candidates for Mayor and Councillors were given the opportunity to submit a brief profile with a photograph to introduce themselves and their campaign priorities to voters. Profiles will be updated as nominations are received after May 2, 2022.

Disclaimer: The content of the profiles have not been edited in any way. The view and opinions expressed in the profiles are those of the candidates and do not reflect the position of the City of Kenora.

Candidates for Mayor

David Byers Kitt

Briefly describe what your priorities are as a candidate for mayor.

Today is one of the most important day of my life this is the day I have thought about for the last 2 elections and I am honored that I call KENORA home town. For the last 56 years it has giving me a wonderful life and a career in the automotive industry that served all surrounding communities where me and my family have made some pretty amazing relationships and friends municipal politics has always been in my plans it is a first chapter to a future in provincial and eventually federal politics where my leadership will be . YOUR VOICE.... my start to the this position on council as  mayor is best suited for the representation that I may deliver to you... the taxpayers of Kenora eyes ears and voice will be the top these last few years I feel the representation of all levels of government not just municipal has not been in the best interest of the taxpayer. If elected as your mayor my first and most important task will be to oversee your council and its entire employees are acting in the interest of the taxpayer ....accountability will be this councils priority. This beautiful city has so many great people that have approached me with ideas and venues that I am excited to share. For many years I've sat at coffee shops and discussed "coffee politics".....with some pretty amazing fellas who have spent their entire lives here lots have since past but lots still remain. The world is forever changing and environmentally challenging for all communities. As your mayor I will represent all citizen's to my best abilities and honor the seat as mayor.

Campaign contacts


Phone: 807-407-1288

Andrew Poirier

Andrew Poirier Headshot

How long have you lived in Kenora?

I was born and raised in Kenora. My career in public administration with school boards spanned over 33 years. I worked with four (4) different boards throughout Northwestern Ontario however the majority of this was spent right here in Kenora.

I am married and had an incredible daughter who sadly succumbed to cancer in June 2021.
I have been a city councillor for three terms, first from 2003 -2009 and then from 2018 to today.

Throughout these terms of council, I have been the chair of the Operations Committee, a member of the Police Service Board, Northwestern Health Unit, Kenora Hydro and Kenora Municipal Telephone System. Currently, I am vice-chair of the Kenora Police Services Board, a member of Kenora District Services Board and sit on their Governance and Audit Committees. Last but not least, I am a Board member on the District Home for the Aged.

I am also active outside of my municipal involvement as a city counsellor. I’m an active member of the Kinsmen Club of Kenora where I’m currently serve in the role of treasurer. I help out with the local Terry Fox Run, an event that is very close to my heart.

Briefly describe what your priorities are as a candidate.

As a city councillor who has been a member in a diverse number of committees and boards, I possess both the knowledge and experience to be Kenora’s next mayor. I am ready to work for you FULL-TIME.

My main priorities, should I be successful in becoming mayor of Kenora are:

  • To work with community businesses and stakeholders in order to create a safe, secure downtown core that everyone can enjoy year round.
  • To work with appropriate local agencies to find solutions to decrease the drug use and homeless crisis that is gripping our community.
  • To continue to build and expand a positive relationship with our First Nation partners both inside our city and in their communities.
  • To strengthen relationships with upper levels of government, including our MPP and MP. I would work diligently on the City’s behalf to seek out funding opportunities to address areas of concern, such as the above mentioned homelessness issues and also our aging infrastructure which has passed its ‘best before date’.
  • To continue to create an environment in the City of Kenora friendly to business and developers. Creating NEW ASSESSMENT and new business opportunities are critical.
  • To continue to pursue developments which will address our local housing crisis across the Housing Continuum.
  • To address and improve green space in Kenora, by creating more bike and walking paths. Building opportunities to have a more active community is good not only for us as citizens but also for those looking to relocate to our city.
  • To work collaboratively with local healthcare in the areas of doctor and nurse recruitment and retention.
  • To have an open and transparent form of governance. I would always welcome input from the citizens of Kenora in any form (personal input, council deputations and community forums).

Campaign contacts

Andrew Poirier, Candidate for Mayor
Cell: 807-466-2495
Phone: 807-466-2495
Facebook: AndrewPoirier4Mayor

Andy Scribilo

Andy Scribilo Headshot

How long have you lived in Kenora?

61 years

Briefly describe what your priorities are as a candidate for council.

It’s time for real change and a future perspective.

Andrew ( Andy ) Paul Scribilo born and raised in Kenora is a home town product.

My leadership plan started long before I even knew it, in high school I was chosen to go to Camp Couchiching for an athletic leadership and development camp. I’m sure my coaches and teachers saw something in me that I didn’t see way back when in the 70s

This started my leadership path that would continue on to my present day of running for mayor. There were many stops along the way.

I am by trade an electronic engineering technician receiving my diploma in 1982 which gave me the opportunity to work at a large telecommunications company for 35 plus years. I started as a technician, which saw me in communities on the east shore of Thunder Bay and a two year stint in Big Trout Lake, working on 23 First Nation Reserves, then onto Red Lake for a year and a half while servicing the northern communities, and on to Toronto, moving back to Kenora to be the manager of the remote north for over two decades. Each time moving for personal growth and development and honing my leadership skills.

During my time as a manager in the communications company I was charged with a development task of writing and developing courses and instructing across Canada.

During my time as a manager, I was given the opportunity to work with union staff to make the work place better for all employees, a balance of work life and home life with initiatives of work place reorg in a time of uncertainty as well as failing moral with positive attitudes as one of the outcomes, thanks to the technicians.

I was always given the opportunity to lead, with the help and ideas of the union techs, It was a time to listen and set a game plan. Good for the company, good for the employees and most of all good for the customer. I was always customer focused for 35 plus years.

I was trained as a mediator with other techs to implement a strategy to increase employee moral which was at an all time low as well as employee growth. Very trying times but with end results of a harmonious workplace.

We always made time to celebrate our accomplishments which is extremely important to me and to always appreciate the people, which I continue to do this very day.

I have been with the chamber for 20 plus years and have had many positive experiences in my time there.

I was President for many of those years being recycled many times and enjoyed every second as there was and is great people on the board of directors and members, super positive experience.

I helped promote a chamber coin in 2001 to promote and benefit the city, chamber members and Husky the Muskie.

I have also sat and adjudicated for the Federal Government, the Board of Referees for Unemployment Insurance for more than 10 years.

A few of my other accomplishments are, NOACC President for continuous terms, Spokesperson for all associated Chambers of Commerce in Northwestern Ontario, in 2011 I was a Director for the Economic Development Corporation sitting on the board for many years, in 2016 I was asked to speak to the Operations and Estimates Committee concerning preserving our post office in Kenora and area, with the positive outcome of our postal service staying as is, I was asked to sit on a committee for input of original restorative justice system in Kenora, as President of the Chamber, we as the chamber organized and implemented a doctor recruitment weekend for many consecutive years to help secure more physicians in our community, we planned, organized and executed one of the only Bell Let’s Talk for all community members and surrounding area to address mental health, and to be used as a resource for all related agencies, we continue to promote the Home show, Business Awards and Gala to celebrate the accomplishments of our business community, by being a paid member of Ontario Chamber of Commerce, enabled us to provide free of charge rapid tests to members and non members alike during Covid, which we continue today, also the I Choose Local Campaign to encourage local shopping during the difficult times of Covid for Northwestern Ontario to support our local retailers in all communities. I continue to sit on the board of the harbour town biz for the promotion of the downtown core, and am Vice President of the Kenora Kinsmen Club, promoted the closing of Main Street for three very successful open air markets and a moderator for provincial, municipal and federal elections for many years.

I also enjoyed being President of the Keewatin and Kenora Minor Hockey Association and was the first person in Kenora to be IP certified for the league, leading me to coach all forms of organized sports.

There are many areas that need immediate attention. Safety in the community being one of them, making our city safe, open and comfortable for everyone to enjoy without feeling restricted is one of the priorities, adequate retirement housing for those who were instrumental in building our community should also be a priority, moving the city ahead for development for future growth and to accommodate growing needs in our workforce to make our community attractive to newcomers.

I would also like to address the inequality of rate payers in all areas of the city limits which seem to be left behind in services.

Let’s open for business so we can develop and attract people we need to take us forward.

One of our immediate issues is our deteriorating health care system for residents, with the government decision to eliminate good doctors, and reduce per visit cost for the physicians for an online service in these times where it takes weeks and months to see a doctor if you have one. Going to emergency is not an option for residents and non residents , we need to keep what we have and build on these fantastic services, we can’t keep cutting important services where lives are at risk.

There are pharmacists who put all they have on the line and have so much to give. They are more than a drug store, and are instrumental to our healthcare, I know the diabetes education that I received at one of the pharmacies turned my health around and that is what we need and we all need to support this.

I can see and plan long term progress, not just short term gain.

It is essential there is plan in place to give everyone the opportunity to be a productive member of our community and society.

We must welcome and continue to acknowledge our summer residents as they are also a vital part of our community and growth, never pushing them aside.

What I bring to the table is the ability to listen to the people, common sense approach and the ability to use the resources around us, the people know best.

I will implement an open door policy and will always be open to engage in frank communication, we need the opinions from everyone and everyone should be heard and I want to make sure I am available to any and all.

Campaign contacts


Phone: 807-407-1268

Candidates for Councillor

Bob Bernie

Bob Bernie

How long have you lived in Kenora?

38 years. I was born in Fort Frances and moved to Rainy River where I attended high school. My dad was a pipeliner in the 70’s working in the Kenora area. Our family would spend summers in Kenora staying at tourist camps while he worked here. We always loved Kenora and how vibrant and exciting it was. I came to Kenora in 1984 to work at the Kenora Jail. I joined the Kenora Police Service in 2000 and patched over to the OPP in 2009 when we amalgamated.

Briefly describe what your priorities are as a candidate for council.

My number one priority is community safety. My area of expertise is community safety, mobilization and engagement. I received the OPP Accolade Award as Officer of the Year in 2011 for my role in adopting the Mobilization and Engagement Model of Community Policing into the community. My other priorities include, the business community, seniors, parents with young families, young professionals, housing, and at risk youth. I will work proactively with First Nations partners and all levels of government. I bring years of proven experience in decision making, strategic thinking, applying discretion and common sense to complex problems, and the ability to work collaboratively with community agencies to the role of councillor.

If elected I will seek knowledge and understanding of the legislative requirements and core functions of my role as councillor from the professional managers and administrators within the City of Kenora.

Campaign contacts


Phone: 807-407-1255

Graham Chaze

Graham Chaze campaign headshot

How long have you lived in Kenora?

12 years

Briefly describe what your priorities are as a candidate for council.

My priorities for the next term of council include but are not limited to downtown revitalization and economic development, reducing our policing costs, providing better services to rural ratepayers and restoring a culture of civic pride, vision and optimism for our community. 

Campaign contacts

Graham Chaze
Cell: 807-407-5253

Mort Goss

Mort Goss Headshot

How long have you lived in Kenora?

I was born in Timmins, Ontario, my family moved here in 1954, I have eight siblings and have lived here most my life, the exception being four years, in Toronto. I returned to Kenora in 1971, built a house on a rural property in the former Jaffray Mellick in 1975, and have lived there since. My wife Emily have been married since 1970; we have two adult children. I consider myself as a vigorous and engaged 73 year old, with an appetite for work, and very much look forward to another four years of city council.

I am passionate about my community, have been an engaged and active community volunteer for over 40 years. I want Kenora to become the best it can be: inclusive, welcoming and prepared; a place for families to live well and prosper, stay in our home community, a welcoming place for visitors and extended families year round, a place with a lively and safe downtown core with things to experience year round. I have vigorously espoused those values in council and, if elected, will continue to do so.

Briefly describe what your priorities are as a candidate for council.

Housing is the key issue for this city, and was identified as such in the voters survey in the 2018 election. Despite the two year Covid setback, the current city council have been very proactive and productive in work with developers. Some work has already begun ( 30 unit supportive housing near the Armouries, a 20 unit affordable housing building at Chipman and Matheson) and several new housing builds are on the horizon, some to be announced in the next few weeks. I am hopeful to see construction soon begin on a new seniors build in Lakeside, and was excited to see an exciting developers plan for the former Northland building. I expect several more starts within the next year, and want to see these projects through, work on new opportunities that have been presented.

I know from personal experience that healthy cities include housing in the core, options for walking to amenities and services. I have, and will continue to advocate for more efforts to build residential units in the downtown area, will push for more liveable space downtown. Streets with pedestrians are safer streets. Taxation is a big issue; there is too much reliance on residential tax dollars, we need more of a business/industrial tax base to draw on. The planned re-start of GreenFirst’s sawmill operation, the incoming casino and adjacent hotel will certainly help, as will the current development of the former mill site adding to the Fedex distribution site, the Atlantic Industries manufacturing plant, Rugged Geomatics building and several others about to be announced.

I’d also like to see the city take a serious look at expanding our taxation area, see what a deep dive cost/benefit analysis presents. There has been strong pushback from some areas outside the city boundaries, but a serious study would give us a better idea of what is possible; we need to consider all options, based on solid studies.

Environmental issues have certainly come to the local forefront in the last 18 months: after a sustained, summer long drought, followed by record snowfalls in excess of ten feet, then late winter rains on frozen ground, leading to the highest water levels in over 70 years, all summer long. These conditions exposed many infrastructure deficits that need addressing. I will insist that 100 year weather event standards be developed and implemented on all new road builds. The city has begun a long overdue extensive study of all roads north of the bypass; this will expose areas of concern, areas that need being brought to higher standards. I have been a rural resident for more than 45 years, understand the need for proper roads, and will be a very strong advocate for those needs.

Police costing has become a serious draw on our residential tax base, in large part due to calls for service. Last year, the city paid 6 million dollars for our OPP service, one of the highest in Ontario. There is little doubt that, in large part, the costs reflect Kenora’s position as hub community for justice, health, social services and business, but the price tag is too high. Current and past councils have lobbied the province for a break on that costing, but with little success. I will push for continued lobbying with the province, but we need to also put some pressure on the federal government for some help as well. Many good community projects could be funded if our costs could be reduced by $1-2 million per year.

I have always been a proponent of Coney Island as a city gem, truly one of the best and most scenic public beaches in this part of the world, have advocated strongly for its development as a city park. However, public access has been an issue for decades. There was a time when hundreds of local kids would head off to Coney every weekday, recreate in the sparkling waters, lounge on the beach, play on the field. I don’t see this opportunity for kids or young families, and often draw blank stares when I talk about it. A family with three children over four will pay $50 just to get there and back; many locals and visitors will find that cost too much, as do I. While city council recently approved a contract for delivery of transportation to Coney, the price is still too high. I will advocate for using funds from our Municipal Accommodation Tax to subsidize the shuttle cost, make it more accessible to residents and visitors so all of us can enjoy lake life. This money is collected from hotel stays only, and will not use city tax dollars.

I have, in the past, called for approaching senior government about changing grant qualifications, allowing gas tax revenues to provide a multi-stop water shuttle around the city, and will continue to advocate for this.

Community Safety and well-being have been a focus point for the past council and some steps to address problem areas have seen positive results. The former Northland building has been demolished and their programming moved to a new and much safer location, and work has begun on 30 unit supportive housing build. The city awarded Makwa PatrolI with a contract for downtown services; I laud their efforts for their making things better for all of us; it’s a great thing to see them doing the work of the former Buck’s Brigade, helping vulnerable people find safe spaces. They are also on the streets cleaning up our downtown; things look much better this year, in part thanks to their work.

There are many steps yet to be taken, but the city’s role is fairly limited to delivering $2 million/year to Kenora District Services Board, funding a few other projects, speaking out at the All Nations Health Partners, supporting the work of the numerous social services agencies, and advocating for help from senior governments.

Council have and will continue for help in solving this issue, we have worked closely with KDSB, collaborating and aligning our priorities, making headway, but seriously in need of help .This issue is nationwide and needs to be addressed and heavily invested in by all provincial and federal governments. A unified council voice will be necessary for any steps going forward, and I will be a proponent for fairness for all involved.

Campaign contacts


Phone: 466-1626

Facebook: Mort Goss for Kenora City Council



Logan Haney

How Long have you lived in Kenora?

28 years and counting. I was born and raised on a farm in East Mellick and have spent most of my life in Kenora. I lived in Winnipeg and Ottawa while going to school; these experiences reinforced to me that Kenora is a very special place and near and dear to my heart.

Briefly explain what your priorities are as a candidate for council.

Do we have some challenges? Yes, but I believe the key to moving forward is through understanding our strengths and how to best utilize them. Recognizing the interconnectedness of all sectors, political, economic, and social, urban and rural, is the key. Kenora has had many achievements in recent years, and I believe that as a council and a community we can continue in the success while supporting community well-being and continuing to grow for all.

I believe we can best solve complex problems facing our community by working with business, health, social welfare, community, and Indigenous organizations to come to agreement on, and work toward, common goals. This outlook has evolved through my extensive work in the community in a variety of capacities, both as an employee and a volunteer. I have worked with the courts, custody, police, health care and social services. I am currently a councillor on the Kenora Metis Council, board member on the Lake of the Woods District Hospital Board of Directors and a board member for the Kenora Public Library. I also served on the board of the Kenora Sexual Assault Centre. I have spent my career working with members of the community from leaders to the disenfranchised and homeless.

As a firm believer in giving back to my community, over the years I have volunteered for organizations and events in both Kenora and Ottawa. As a youth, I worked with the Agricultural Society and in more recent years volunteered with Kenora Bass International and Harbourfest. While in Ottawa I volunteered for advocacy committees and Bluesfest and helped to coordinate Heritage Days on the Rideau Canal. Community involvement has shown me the importance of seeing the whole picture. Beyond dealing with the economic and social issues facing our community, I know the importance of recognizing and celebrating what Kenora has to offer and what we can achieve going forward.

Experience in all these areas has equipped me with the knowledge to make informed decisions while interacting with people from all walks of life. I have worked on projects that were made most effective when we found consensus and common ground on issues central to the health of our community. I can honestly say that I have heard, and understand, the issues facing our community from a variety of different viewpoints, and I am grateful for the unique perspective that I have thanks to the diversity of my portfolio. As your city councillor, I would continue the work I have been doing for years to build communication through the various sectors, including our urban and rural community and to help build bridges within and beyond city hall.

I am deeply committed to our community. I believe in Kenora. I believe it is the place to raise our youth, to support community members in all stages of life. I believe that our future is bright. I believe that hard-work, collegiality, and a hopeful, positive approach is what we need, and what I can bring to Kenora council.

Campaign contact

Instagram: lhaneykenora

Lindsay Koch

Lindsay Koch Headshot

How long have you lived in Kenora?

My family moved from Alberta to Minaki, and then to Kenora in 1993. I spent most of my youth here, attended the University of Winnipeg and returned to Kenora in 2009. My immediate family has remained in Kenora, and my husband’s family has a large presence here. We are raising our son here, alongside many friends who have chosen to raise their families here.

Briefly describe what your priorities are as a candidate for council

Kenora, like many communities across Canada, has had its ebbs and flows – we’ve been bright and shiny and prosperous, and we’ve seen some tougher times. We’re in what feels like a bit of a low right now, but there is a lot happening that feels encouraging.

A large priority of mine is rebuilding the trust between local government and residents; we need to work together to move forward in the spirit of growth, reconnection, support for all, and making Kenora into somewhere we want to live, rather than just where we happen to be.

The last few years have exposed some weaknesses – lack of housing across the spectrum, support and treatment services for mental health and addictions, gaps in mitigating risks related to fires, floods, human resources, and tolerance for development related to many of these things. I want this council to be responsive to residents; to focus on bringing us back to life, with a secondary focus on making Kenora a place others want to visit. Many of the ways this council focuses inward will be beneficial to those visiting our community.

In no particular order, my priorities include:

  1. Leveraging provincial resources to address social inequities in the North:
    1. Policing costs
    2. Mental health and addictions treatment
    3. Supportive housing
    4. Supervised Consumption Sites
    5. Mobile Crisis Intervention Teams to reduce strain on Police services
  2. Housing for all
  3. Reducing barriers to development
  4. Proactive plan to address ongoing roads and infrastructure issues
  5. Exploring options for reducing tax burden on those further from city centre or making services more equitable

Campaign contacts

Instagram: @lkochforkenora
Phone: 807-464-3802

Mark LaBelle

Mark LaBelle Headshot

How long have you lived in Kenora?

Mark LaBelle has been a Kenora resident for six years, but he has been visiting for over forty. Since moving here with his Kenora wife he’s been active in the community in many capacities. Her parents, now in their senior years, have lived and worked here all their lives, her father in the paper mill and her mother as a nurse at our local hospital.

Mark has volunteered at both seniors’ homes, at schools, as well as Trylight theater. His participation in Harbourfest and the creation of Labellapalooza has kept him active in the community with constant public interaction. His communication skills have been developed over four decades with a successful career in the entertainment business. He spent 2 years as a booking agent for a talent agency. He also spent 3 years as Activities Director at a B.C. Ski resort. He currently writes a column for the Miner and News.

Briefly describe what your priorities are as a candidate for council.

Mark believes he can add a fresh perspective to council, having lived in many places across Canada. He is a staunch supporter of all levels of government working together for the greater good. A life experience in dealing with the public makes him ideal to work towards the future and to navigate where we are heading.

If elected, his focus will be on making the community sustainable for its residents and welcoming to its visitors. Some of these factors involve, homelessness, crime, support of business, housing, recreational services, hospital and senior care and an overall objective of pride and inclusion for all its contributing citizens. He understands the Strategic and Master Plans are in place but if they need some tweaking, he is prepared to explore those options.

Because of his instant recognition, quick wit, and empathetic nature, he will always be prepared to talk to you about an issue. He might not have all the answers, but he intends to live up to his slogan “MARK LABELLE WILL SERVE YOU WELL”.

Campaign contacts


Phone: 807-407-1577

Barb Manson

Barb Manson Headshot

I want to be a common sense vote at the table and a voice of reason. It is clear you want a safe community, affordable housing, advocacy with government for our needs, great recreation, a vibrant City for all neighbourhoods. Running for Council will give me the opportunity to promote a strategic and fiscally responsible direction for Kenora. We need to work collectively with community led solutions. We need to address the areas of greatest concern in all neighbourhoods. We mustn’t be here to tell people what they cannot do, we must find creative ways to achieve our goals.

I was born and grew up in Keewatin, married a Norman boy and raised my two sons in Kenora. My life has revolved around Kenora and I will always live her, so I want a place I can be proud of to leave to our children and grandchildren. I do not want the neighbourhoods of Norman, Keewatin and Jaffray Melick forgotten, they are all valuable assets to our City. Home is where your heart is and mine is here.

I worked for the Town of Keewatin for five years and the City of Kenora for 25 years. I started as a receptionist and finished my career as the Parks Supervisor. My experience with the City and following departments: City Hall, Kenora Recreation Centre, Tourism, Roads, Cemetery and Parks has given me a wealth of knowledge on the inside workings of the City. My crowning glory was to create and coordinate the Festival of Lights (Ice Candles) at the LOW Cemetery for 17 years. Also, bringing a very successful Air Show to Kenora in 2013 with attendance of 8,000 people. Putting Kenora on the map with Communities in Bloom awards and trail development were some of my other achievements. Any department I worked in, I left it in a better position.

I have served on multiple committees which have included: Kenora Community Foundation, Common Ground-A Sharing of Stories, LOWAC, LOW Historical Society, Communities in Bloom, Kenora Heritage Committee, Business Incentive Committee etc.

From the offset of my campaign, I set my personal theme as one of respect and commitment. I want to work together to find creative, innovative ways to address the issues plaguing our little piece of paradise. I will listen and learn with a desire to understand your concerns, ideas and perspectives. I have the knowledge, the talent, the skill and the ability to make a difference. We have an extraordinary municipality, unlike any other and I am excited, motivated and will be honoured to serve as your Councillor to bring this City forward in all avenues. I willingly participate in a future we all want. Your Voice – Your Choice.

Most sincerely

Barbara Manson

Campaign contacts


Phone: 807-464-4338

Joel McGrath

Joel McGrath Photo

Thank you for this opportunity to stand as a candidate for Kenora City Council. As a resident of this great place for 22 years, I have been involved with numerous community groups and projects. I am an occasional teacher with the Keewatin-Patricia District School Board, having retired from full-time teaching in 2021.
I believe that the people of Kenora are hard-working, imaginative and motivated to improve our quality of life. As such, I would hope that the next municipal election will be a forum for the discussion of ideas.

My priorities are:

• Sensible solutions to the housing shortage
• Protection of our parks, beaches and recreational spaces
• A strategy to attract more newcomers to Kenora
• An action plan to make Kenora a year-round tourist destination
• Climate change adaption plan with measures to deal with flooding and rising temperatures. Create targets to reduce GHG emissions
• Improved public safety through Kenora Makwa Patrol. Offer the service 24-7 with stable funding
• Support for our friends and neighbors who are struggling with addictions, including overdose prevention
• Fiscal responsibility and value for taxpayers’ dollars
• Partnership with First Nation communities

Community experience:

• Kenora Supports Ukraine coordinating committee member
• Kenora District Labour Council vice-president
• Volunteer ESL teacher, Multicultural Association of Kenora and District currently working with Ukrainian newcomers
• President, Occasional Teachers’ Bargaining Unit, OSSTF District 5A
• Northwest Community Legal Clinic board member
• Keewatin Curling Club management board (2009 – 2011)
• Curling coach, Beaver Brae Secondary School (2002 – 2011)
• Making Kenora Home committee member (2013 – 2018)
• Kenora Fellowship Centre volunteer (2011 – 2013)

I would like to express my admiration for my fellow candidates and those who have served on this past Council. My name will be on the ballot along with very dedicated people. I respectfully request your vote on Oct. 24.

Campaign contacts


Twitter: @JMcGrath4kenora 

Facebook: @JoelMcGrathforKenoraCouncil 


Cecile Marcino

Cecile Marcino Headshot

How long have you lived in Kenora?


Briefly describe what your priorities are as a candidate for council.









Campaign contact

Cecile Marcino


Cell: 807-464-0644

Lisa Moncrief

Lisa Moncrief Headshot

How long have you lived in Kenora?

I have lived, worked and volunteered in the Kenora area all of my life. I am a wife of 41+ years and the mother of two fine adult children who, after leaving Kenora for post-secondary education and traveling, have both chosen to return and raise their children in Kenora.

I am currently on the Board of the Lake of the Woods Concert Series and Common Ground: A Sharing of Our Stories and because they are ‘event specific’ groups, I intend to continue working with them if elected to council.

Briefly describe what your priorities are as a candidate for council.

Kenora is at a crossroads. Our lifestyle here is the envy of many and should be trumpeted the world over.
This will be a change council, an opportunity council.

I am under no illusion that one councillor or a mayor acting alone can impose their priorities but I will say that I hope to work alongside other council members and senior staff on economic development, OP review, policing costs, infrastructure forecasting and planning, providing enhanced and timely services to rural ratepayers.

Campaign contacts

Phone: 807-547-2580

Mark Perrault

Mark Perrault Headshot

How long have you lived in Kenora?

Born in Kenora in 1962
Parents Roy Perrault and the late Pearl Sas
Two boys, Zachary and Noah
Engaged to Leatrice Kipling
Cooked at Kenricia and Days Inn (Becketts) through highschool and university
BSc Geology, 1985
Worked as a geologist, GIS and IT support at MNDM 1987-92
Environmental and Social Economic Impact Assessment Program– Lakehead 1990
Youth worker - Northern Youth Centre 92-93 and Computer instructor for the Academy for Technical
Health Promotion Assistant - Northwestern Health Unit 1993
Operations Officer - (IT, HR, Buildings, FOI) Northwestern Health Unit 1996
Microsoft Certified System Engineer program (MCSE) 1995-1996
Director of Operations and Health Promotion and acting Director of Family Services 2002-2008, Northwestern Health Unit
Certified Human Resource Professional (CHRP later CHRL) 2006 -Con College
Chief Executive Officer 2008-2018 Northwestern Health Unit
Cook/host - Lakeshore Hotel 2019
Driver – Autoparts Central 2020
Process Server – CPS 2020-2021
Cook Days Inn – 2021 to present

Briefly describe what your priorities are as a candidate for council.

Increase the number of 18-29 year old’s studying in Kenora to 10 -13 percent of areas population - like all cities. A arts and trade college is needed.

A volunteer bureau to engage our population in community projects

A Vision of the city in 2040 and an action plan by year with targets, interim goals that are specific, measurable, achievable that council holds ITSELF accountable for achieving during their term.

A wheelchair and mobility scooter assessible city so we can attract doctors and professionals who have someone with a disability in their families and so students with disabilities can study here.

Promote wood boardwalks as part of the solution to capture carbon; prevent overheating cities from concrete; make personal EV transportation routes; make buildings assessible; reduce injuries from falls; allow better road drainage during storms; space under the sidewalks for smart technology. Once installed only one worker is needed to release, rotate once, and later replace the boards. Create a system with metal base and boards we can make and use locally but more importantly export so we can increase our GDP while saving the environment.

A GIS (electronic map) with ALL city information displayed in layers from location of walking trails, social housing, zoning, roads with dates last upgraded, which streets, parks, buildings are assessible and city plans to meet and or exceed the spirit and intent of the AODA.

First Nations engagement in our economy – we should consult FIRST before any commitments to sell or develop as we are sitting on THEIR economic hub for the last 5000 year.

Stop causing cultural genocide by our courts mental health system bringing indigenous people into the city and then KDSB giving them ONE choice of a home, in KENORA not their home communities. Jordan’s Principle – if you can build a 20 unit building to house indigenous people in Kenora then you need to build the equivalent on reserve as well – or you are giving NO CHOICE but to settle in Kenora and lose their land based culture.

Evidence informed decision making by city administration and KDSB so mistakes like a 20 unit building full of addicts isn’t built again. Find one reference in favour of concentrating the bottom of the education bell curve together.

Any one notice a reduction in crime with the HUGE investments in Bear Clan, mobile vans, KACL, KCA, Neechee , CMHA , OPP, Treaty 3 and dozens private security workers – should be better today than 3 years ago .... but its not is it?

More money and more problems because no one has an actual plan, let alone any goals with a real timeline set.

The book “Why Trying hard is not Good Enough” nails Kenora on the head.
Good intentions without targets is useless.

Have to work towards a goal, a blueprint or its like building a house with no plans.

I will hold myself accountable for the volunteer bureau and GIS system to be running by the end of my term and will not run again unless they are in place.

Campaign contacts


Phone: 807-407-4934

Chris (Richard Christian) Poate 

Chris Poate

How long have you lived in Kenora?

My name is Chris Poate and I'm proud to let my name stand for election to the City of Kenora Council. I was born in 1954 (68 yrs. old), moved to Kenora in July of 1976, and married my wife Carole (Richardson) in 1983. Our son Chad was born in 1984 and he is married to Amanda (Wilwand). They are expecting our first grandchild in January of 2023.

I began my own carpentry contracting business in 1977 and I have been self­-employed ever since then (45 yrs.) In 1984 my wife and I formed a partnership operating as Chris Poate's Finishing Touch and that is how we have operated to this day.

Briefly describe what your priorities are as a candidate for council.

I have been interested in serving on Council since even before the amalgamation of the 3 communities. I feel that serving on council demands a tremendous amount of time and effort in order to do a good job, and I salute all of those who have served, or offered to serve, in this challenging role. I know that at this point in my life I can devote the time required and I am still strong enough to put in the effort needed to successfully complete a 4 year term.

I have seen a lot of positive changes in our community over the last 46 years, and I would like to help continue the progressive direction of the Mayor and Council, and the City of Kenora Administration. Also, I feel that I have a good understanding of how business in our City was conducted and is conducted now, and I would like to help our businesses be successful. Lastly, the next couple of years may be difficult times for our economy and I would like to help make the best decisions possible in order to counter this and to mitigate the effects on all of us.

I have the following experience that I believe helps me qualify to serve on Council:

  • I was a Director of the Kenora and District Chamber of Commerce for several years and I am a Past-President of that organization
  • I was a Director of the Northwestern Ontario Associated Chambers of Commerce for a few years. During that time I sat on the Third Party Advisory Group looking at the Ontario Government's Class Environmental Assessment on Forestry. I also sat on another local third party advisory committee looking at the Co-Management of Resources Agreements between the Ontario Government and the First Nations
  • I was a Board Member of the Northwest Training and Adjustment Board for a few years
  • I was a Director of the Kenora Construction Association for a few years and I am a Past-President of that organization
  • For many years I served on Vestry and I was a Layreader at St. James Anglican Church.
  • For a few years I served as Warden of Layreaders for the Anglican Church Diocese of Keewatin- Southern Region
  • I served as a Director for several years at the Water of Life Family Church
  • I am a member of Pequonga Masonic Lodge #414 and for 10 years I served in the various offices to finally become the Master of that Lodge. I am now a Past-Master.
  • I was a member of the Rotary Club for several years and I ran the Snow-A-Rama charity snowmobile ride for 3 consecutive years
  • As the President of the Chamber of Commerce I led our approval to sponsor the first Harbourfest, which was the brain-child of Director Danielle McCullough. I also helped with the organizing and provided volunteer labour. Harbourfest had great initial success and has continued to be a wonderful asset to our community ever since.

Campaign contacts

Chris Poate
Cell phone: 807-467-7246

Louis Roussin

Louis Roussin Headshot

Briefly describe what your priorities are as a candidate for council.

I am running for council because I see all of the remarks below as my vision for greatness for our city! Exceptional positive VALUE for our community and citizens!

Problem issues can be solved. With the right team! I feel very confident that we can positively correct the issues facing the city. My vision is a “value” progressive attitude that is positive and energetic. I see our city as dynamic, proactive, inspiring, safe and healthy, attractive to investors, developers, diversified economic industry and business. To get there we need to be inspired that our vision is reachable. We must stay positive with the attitude that “We never give up”! 

We got this! Let’s start living the vision!

Thank you for being part of this strategy!

Sincerely, Louis

Campaign contacts


Phone: 807-464-0084

Sharon Smith

Sharon Smith Headshot

Photo by Bronson Carver

How long have you lived in Kenora?

Lifelong resident of Kenora (Keewatin).

Briefly describe what your priorities are as a candidate for council.


In 2022 the City of Kenora consulted with the community and gave constituents the opportunity to guide and focus the direction our Municipality would take to 2027. The City received an overwhelming response from individual community members and organizations and their input formed the City of Kenora Charting our Course 2027 Strategic Plan.

“If you fail to plan, you are planning to fail”, (Benjamin Franklin). This community knows where it wants to go.

#1 Infrastructure and Environment
12 years of developing yearly operating and capital budgets gives me the knowledge to know where the money is and where it is not.

#2 Tourism, Economic Growth and Development
When the Province provided municipalities the opportunity of establishing a Municipal Accommodation Tax (MAT) we embraced it. 4% of each room rented is received by the City as a revenue stream dedicated to economic development and tourism.

#3 Community Recreation, Well Being and Safety
My entire life I’ve had the privilege and opportunity to take advantage of the many recreational opportunities our City offers. I am a huge advocate for these amenities and recognize their value for residents and in attracting people to live in our community. I know the lifestyle on offer here.

Everyone needs to feel and be safe in our community. Community and safety well being plans may help to address the issue of drugs and addiction in the short term. The question is how can small and large cities deal with an addiction crisis driven by organized crime? We can’t. Not until there is a policy change by Health Canada will that paradigm shift. This should be the advocacy work of a new Council.

#4 Service delivery and Organizational Capacity
My philosophy is that I work for you. I am committed to customer service. If you contact me with an issue I will always respond.

#5 Relations with Treaty 3 Partners
The surrounding communities are our friends and neighbours. Their contribution and value to our economy cannot be understated. It has been and is my mission to learn the culture and history of Treaty 3. I’ve read many Indigenous authors and participated in cultural workshops. I am committed to life long learning, understanding and reconciliation.

I stand on my record. For every controversial vote I’ve stood up and explained my reasons for voting in a certain way. I source the best information before I make a decision and always work in the best interest of the whole community.

I have 12 years of municipal governance experience and have the same commitment and passion as the day I started. It would be my pleasure to continue to serve the citizens of Kenora for the next four years.

My priorities are the priorities as stated by the citizens of Kenora.

Campaign contacts

Phone: 807- 547-2778
Facebook: Sharon Smith for City Council

Kelsie Van Belleghem

Kelsie Van Bellegham Headshot

How long have you lived in Kenora

I have lived in Kenora for over five years; however, I have had a connection to the community since before I was born. My dad’s side of the family has had a place in Sioux Narrows for decades, and my great-grandfather was the original “Big John’s”, in addition, my grandparents on my mom’s side have owned a property in Clearwater Bay since 1984, so I have been coming to Lake of the Woods since I was a baby. I met my partner when I moved here in 2017, and we have since married and had two babies. My partners family has deep roots in Kenora; and, my parents and grandparents moved to Kenora, full time, since the birth of our children. We have a strong connection to the community, and I am very aware of the privilege of time and resources a person must have in order to be a member of council, and as someone with that privilege, I hope to bring a diverse set of experiences and opinions to council. As a financial advisor I am always an advocate for diversifying your portfolio, and I believe that to be doubly important when it comes to representation.

Briefly describe what your priorities are as a candidate for council.

Proactive community development based on preventative and representative policy decisions.

Campaign contacts

Kelsie Van Belleghem
Cell: 289-795-2143
Instagram: @kelsieforkenora
Facebook: Kelsie Van Belleghem

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